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As an e-commerce shop owner, moving ordered products from your website to your customer’s doorstep in a very efficient manner is a very critical success factor.

Now more than ever — at a time when people are choosing online over in-store to adhere to social distancing practices — the communicated speed at which consumers will receive their orders can play a deciding role in whether they choose to buy from your online store or a competitor’s.

However, the ecommerce logistics infrastructure needed to meet consumers’ demands is not easy to achieve by yourself. How do you put your brand in a spot to offer expedited shipping without putting in the time, resources, and investment of several delivery bikes, vans, trucks and even warehouses?

With so many millions of packages shipped across Nigeria on any given day, it is important that systems are in place to keep them on track and ensure timely delivery to the right places.  Any lapse in communication or execution within your supply chain can ultimately have a negative impact on the customer experience.

Faster shipping options result in more sales for ecommerce businesses, but not every brand has the logistics network to do this themselves and this is where Ziva Logistics comes in the gap.

If you are an online business, Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C) or Customer to Customer (C2C) or multivendor retailer, we can work in partnership with you to achieve the right delivery solutions that will convey positive outcomes to your ecommerce business.

A successful ecommerce business needs an effective and reliable logistics service to support its daily delivery needs.

We are here to help you fulfil your vision of building a successful e-commerce business.

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