The Ziva Logistics delivery area is continuously expanding. To determine if our shopping assistance service delivers in your city, please visit the Grocery Delivery Areas page for further information.

You will find the quality of the products the exact same as your local grocery store because that is where we get your groceries, from the local grocery store of your choice!

Absolutely! Our shoppers will shop for your meats, produce and other fresh foods just as if they were shopping for themselves, including checking for the latest expiration date. If we do not feel that it is good enough for us, why would it be good enough for you? We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and we believe that if you are not a satisfied client then you will not be a repeat client.

Yes, we do, however it will be necessary for us to pick up your coupons and gift cards prior to shopping for your groceries and there may be an additional charge to pick up the coupons/gift cards from you, unless you have provided them during the delivery of a previous order. To determine if coupon pick-up is provided and if there is an additional charge for this service, please call our numbers, 08032953862, 08065401397, 09092925006.

  • We do not list product categories, pictures and prices is because we are not an online grocery store and we do not sell groceries.
  • With thousands of grocery stores that carry millions of different products, it would be virtually impossible for us to list every product that every store in the country carries, along with their individual prices.
  • We do not list product categories, pictures and prices is because we are not an online grocery store and we do not sell groceries.
  • We are a shopping service for you, our client. We go shop at the local grocery store (and other stores) of your choice and you pay the exact same price as the store advertises. When you use Ziva Logistics Shopping Assistance service, we will provide you with the grocery store receipt and you will see that we do not mark-up the price of your groceries.
  • We believe in giving you the freedom of choice to choose the actual products and brands that you want as well as the store that they come from, paying the same prices that you are used to. So, just tell us exactly what you want. If your shopper has a question, they will let you know.

For helpful hints on ordering your groceries, please visit our Ordering Tips page.

Because we want you to be satisfied with your experience of using our Shopping Assistance service, we ask that you be as specific as possible with your grocery list. With millions of individual grocery items available, product description, when necessary, is important. We want to be sure that we get it right for you for the first time and every time! Please be sure to read our substitution policy on the next line.

Yes, unless you specify otherwise! To ensure that your order is completed to your satisfaction, our professional, personal shoppers will use the following guidelines when making substitutions, if you have not given specific instructions otherwise:

  • If you do not specify a particular brand when you order, the Ziva Logistics personal shopper will carefully select one that is of good quality.
  • If a specific size is not listed, the medium size will be selected.
  • If the product is out of stock, we will first try to substitute with a different size of the identical product. The next size smaller is selected over the next size larger unless otherwise specified.
  • If we cannot change size, we will substitute a different comparable brand of the same product.
  • If it is not possible to substitute a size or name brand, the item will be deleted from the order, and you will be informed at the time of delivery. Ziva Logistics cannot be held responsible for out-of-stock items.


  • If you would prefer to not have products substituted or if you would prefer to not have certain products substituted, please select your preferred substitution policy when placing your order.

Apart from the delivery charges which is dependent on your location and the location of your preferred shop, our service fee for shopping is usually 5% of the total cost of your shopping lists.

We are a personal shopping service provider; we do not profit from the sale of groceries and we need to be compensated for the time spent shopping for you.

Our advantages are

  • When we are shopping for your groceries, your order is getting the absolute attention that it deserves because typically we do not shop for your order at the same time as someone else’s grocery order.
  • Ziva Logistics provides grocery shopping and delivery from your favorite local grocery store, you get the brands and pay the prices that you are already used to.
  • We will shop from more than one grocery store for you.


Additional fees may be charged for different circumstances other than just a standard grocery shopping and delivery order. This could arise for instance when a particular item in the shopping lists is not available in the customer’s preferred shop and would want our shopper to navigate more shops in search of the item. In this case, the additional fee, will be communicated to the customer.

Our shopping and delivery hours are between the hours of 8am in the morning to 6pm in the evening.

No, unlike other grocery delivery services, where you must search through pages of products to click on, we do not have “virtual aisles” for you to waste time in and shop through.

Because we go shop at the local grocery store of your choice, it would be nearly impossible for Ziva Logistics to separate each store, the products that they carry and their individual prices. We assume that you know what you want, where you want it from and about how much it is going to cost.


Email your shopping list to shoppingassistance@zivalogistics.com and we take it from there

It generally depends on the shopping lists. You can order same day for express delivery; however, we generally offer next business day delivery as our normal delivery.

Delivery times are always filled on a first come, first served basis, and popular times do fill quickly. So, we do ask that you place your order as early as possible to ensure your preferred delivery time. Please understand that due to the demand of our services, it is not always possible to guarantee a same day or next business day delivery, but we will always do our best to accommodate you for the time of your request.

In most cases yes. You should call at least 3 hours before the scheduled delivery time. Sending an email may not be sufficient to stop your grocery order from being processed.

Unless other arrangements have been made, someone must be home to receive your order. Our shopping assistance is different from other services. We go shop for your groceries on an individual basis, meaning that we do not shop for anyone else’s order at the same time as yours. So, your order comes directly from the store to your door without any unnecessary delays.


You are to make a deposit of the total cost of the shopping lists, our delivery charge, service charge and refundable overage into our bank account.

The overage is refundable, and it comes handy when a price items in the list changes and the customer still wants the items. The total of the overage is refunded, if there are no price variations or refunded less the amount spent to cater for the price variation. If the cost of the items in the list, become cheaper at the point of purchase, the savings are also refunded to the customer.


For payments, our bank details are as follows.


Account Name: Ziva Systems Limited

Account Number: 5600606657

Bank: Fidelity

Customer satisfaction is a priority. Along with your grocery order, you should be given the actual receipt from the grocery store, so you are able to make returns or exchanges. If the mistake is ours, we will make it right.

If you are dissatisfied with an item, you may return the item to the store with the grocery store receipt that is provided to you. If it happens to be our mistake, we will reimburse you at the time of the delivery or on your next delivery, at your discretion. We want to do what is right to make sure you are at least 99% satisfied with our grocery shopping and delivery service.

Please do! If you are happy and satisfied with the service that was provided to you, a tip is always welcome and appreciated, thank you!


Typically, yes, if the person for whom you are shopping lives within one of our Grocery Delivery Areas, you should be able to shop for them and have their groceries delivered.


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