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Shopping Assistance is a personalized and location-based grocery shopping and delivery service offered by Ziva Logistics.  We pick up groceries and other items from your favorite shops and deliver to your doorstep at your convenient time.

We know that there comes that time when it is inconvenient for you to drive to your favorite grocery shop (Shoprite, SPAR, Grand Square etc.)  to pick up the things that you desire. It is at such moments that we come in the gap. We have trained personnel that can go to shops. Pick up the groceries and deliver to your house at your convenient time.

For many years people have maintained loyalty to their favorite local grocery store for one reason or another and we believe that they should always have the option of their preferred store. We not only provide a needed service for individuals that do not have the ability to do their own grocery shopping but also a wanted service for those that feel that they could manage their time better if they just had a couple more hours in their day.   Many businesses as well utilize our professional, cost effective, grocery shopping and delivery service to stock the company break room instead of sending someone from within their organization and wasting valuable employee time and resources. 

There are several merchants that we work with including SHOPRITE, SPAR, NEXT CASH N CARRY, GRANDSQUARE etc. However, our customers are free to send us to any store of their choice. 

The bottom line is that our continuously growing company offers you a convenient, time-saving alternative to one of the world’s most disliked chores – GROCERY SHOPPING! What do we do when you do not want to? We go… So, You Don’t Have To!

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